12 fashion mistakes that make you look older. Try to avoid them, you will look younger and more attractive!

Try to be inspired by the famous Coco Chanel, who once said, “Age is not important in a woman. You can look divine at twenty, still be beautiful at forty and remain glamorous for the rest of your life.” You just need to know how to do it, and that’s what the famous designer was famous for. Try avoiding the 12 most common mistakes and you’ll be downright glamorous to those around you and look even 10 years younger.

1. Too dark or too yellow blonde hair

Hair color is key because it will accentuate age. Too dark hair can create too sharp and wrinkled contours around the face, while yellowish hair looks burnt and has a dirty tint. It is better to use a colour two shades lighter than your natural colour, or use a very light blonde or one with subtle golden highlights.

2. Too much detail

Sometimes, the overzealous pursuit of detail and style is too much, leading, paradoxically, to the complete opposite of what was intended. Better to focus on the whole and use natural charm as well. Remember that even Coco Chanel advised women to look in the mirror and take off one accessory before leaving the house.

3. Patent shoes and accessories

What are we going to tell ourselves, patent accessories are a thing of the past. The most fashionable materials for shoes and handbags nowadays are suede and natural leather.

4. Overly styled hair

A Shirley Temple-style haircut using about a kilo of hairspray? The ’80s and ’90s style is behind us, so bet on more natural hair styling and smart haircuts with the use of special techniques that make hair look voluminous.

5. Cheap Jewellery

Plastic earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and pieces look good on young girls, older women should choose large metal accessories or original pieces to add to the elegance.

6. Red nail polish

Red is popular, but completely inappropriate in certain situations and for certain ages. Red painted nails accentuate skin blemishes, so it is preferable to use milky or beige shades.

Source: pixabay.com

7. T-shirts with lettering

T-shirts with slogans calling for action or expressing anything are forbidden from a certain age, as they may sound immature or express a lack of self-confidence.

8. Overly conservative style

Looking conservative is appropriate in the courtroom or at a corporate event, but in your everyday life, don’t be afraid to combine a conservative style with a modern one and take inspiration from wearing classic trousers with sneakers.

9. Thin cardigan with buttons

Thin cardigans can afford really few women, because it clearly shows the smallest flaws of the body, so choose another type of sweater or cardigan.

10. Replace black with another colour

It’s true that black is a classic wardrobe colour, but try experimenting. You won’t look boring and old-fashioned.

11. Replace your body tights with a pattern

The flesh colour of tights often contrasts with the natural colour of the skin, so don’t be afraid to use patterned tights, which are very trendy and look great on the legs.

12. Hair too short

It is said that short hair makes a woman look younger, but this is true for more conservative cuts. With asymmetrical hair, the effect is quite the opposite, so grow an interestingly designed mikado.