3 tips on how to remove stains from the shower curtain

Classic plastic curtains in shower enclosures are victims of moisture. Often they develop various stains and mould. In this article you will find 3 practical tips to help you clean your shower curtain effectively so that it is always hygienically clean and nice to look at.

Water and sponge will help with fresh stains

When it comes to fresh stains that are not so dry, a damp sponge is sufficient. If you add a little soap or other detergent, the result is almost perfect. This method works best especially when you clean really regularly, so that the dirt doesn’t have the opportunity to really settle on the surface of the plastic curtain.

Source: pixabay.com

For worse dirt and limescale, choose vinegar

Cleaning with vinegar will help the bathroom curtain especially when you only think of it once in a while. Vinegar can also deal with built-up dirt. A big bonus is that it also helps with descaling. This is what likes to create unsightly white maps and smudges on plastic hinges. The problem is especially worse in areas where there is naturally hard water. However, a little cheap and readily available vinegar will easily solve the problem.

What other dirt can vinegar deal with?

  • It’s great for cleaning tarnished limescale
  • Great for polishing stainless steel surfaces
  • Add it to mopping water for a bright shiny floor
  • Helps clean the fridge when it absorbs odors

Degreaser brings back a long-lost shine to curtains

Even a really tired bathroom curtain that’s half in the bin still deserves a chance. If it’s made of plastic, try using bleach. You pour water into the sink, add a little bleach and put the curtain in so that it soaks all over. Leave it to soak for a few hours and then dry ideally in the sun. You will see that it will look like new after this treatment, so you may save money on getting a new one.