5 practical ideas for using old plastic at home

Consistent recycling does help a little for less environmental burden. But it’s even better to give the item another life straight away before sending it to the recycling bin. Plastic has a huge number of advantages as a material. This is one of the reasons why you can easily make a variety of interesting and useful objects out of it.

Source: Pixabay.com

What to make from old plastic bottles

  • Pencil holder
  • Rice dispenser for easy rice dispensing
  • Simple drinking cup
  • Self-watering pot
  • Dispenser for sauce or syrup

Pencil holder

Simply cut off half of the PET bottle and the bottom easily becomes a handy pencil stand. You choose the look and colour depending on the bottle you are making it for. It can also be easily decorated with varnish, paint or stickers.

Source: Pixabay.com

Rice dispensing cap

From the top of a plastic bottle with a screw cap, you can easily create a handy dispenser for pouring rice. Just attach the opening and the cap to the bag where the rice or other small cereals are stored. If necessary, just open the cap and pour.

Drinking cup

Mostly when traveling, it often happens that we don’t have a drinking container. You don’t have to deal with that anymore, because you just need the bottom half of the PET bottle and you’re done. The procedure is again very simple. And once this simple cup runs out, don’t forget to place it in the yellow container.

Self-watering planter

When you cut the bottle in half, the top part can serve as a planter. Then you put it upside down in the bottom part, which you fill with water. Through the hose in the lid, the soil in the top pot stays beautifully watered. This is a great way to keep your flowers green even during an extended holiday.

Sauce or syrup dispenser

A minimum amount of creativity is needed for this idea. Just take the bottle, pierce the cap and the dispenser is ready to go. You pour the sauce or syrup inside to your taste and dispense easily through the small opening.