A clogged sink is the bane of every household, but with clever tricks you can save money on plumber’s fees

Water should flow into the pipes at all times, it should not collect in the sink chamber or drain back as this will cause an unpleasant odour. But how to keep the sink clean so that water can drain?

Sometimes all it takes is a few tricks before you call a plumber

A clogged sink is everyone’s nightmare. It starts subtly, at first you’ll only hear a small gurgling sound, but after a while the water will start to drain more slowly and there will be an unpleasant smell coming from the pipes. By that point, most of us are calling the plumber. But plumbers can be very expensive and you can do without one. It will be professional and just as fast as a professional.

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The most important thing is prevention. To avoid this situation, you need to give proper care to your sink. Some foods do not belong in the sink at all, such as food debris, coffee grounds or herbs. Similarly, hot grease doesn’t belong here, because once it solidifies, it stays in the pipes and builds up, clogging the drain. The best solution is to get a small strainer, the purchase cost is minimal and it catches all food debris.

Another option is to get a garbage disposal, which can handle anything that falls into the garbage. Not everyone has the means to have a waste shredder, which is why most people reach for various chemical products.

Chemical preparations can be found in household stores


With these remedies, you’ll say goodbye to clogged drains in the fastest way possible. Their prices vary depending on what type of product it is and what exactly it will be used for. The main ingredient is sodium hydroxide, which is dangerous to our health. The chemicals are mainly used to prevent clogged drains.

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But you can also use home remedies instead of chemical cleaners. These are especially popular with people who love nature and keep their homes chemical-free. The most common method is a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Just pour half a glass of soda into a clogged sink or basin, then pour half a glass of vinegar and wait a while. A foam will appear, which you let sit for about 30 minutes, then pour boiling water down the drain.