A liquid for a few crowns works reliably on moss and weeds. Everyone has it in the kitchen, yet buys expensive chemicals

Anyone who lives in a family home knows all too well how various mosses and weeds can spoil the overall surroundings of the property. Especially the driveways and various walkways. It can often seem endless and expensive to fight these problems. However, this does not have to be the case. In fact, we often spend money on expensive chemicals quite unnecessarily. There are helpers that cost only a few crowns and, most importantly, everyone has them at home. Of course, if there is only a little moss and weeds, it can be dealt with manually. However, for large areas we prefer to use products that are easy to make.

There are several home methods

You can make the job a little easier with small hand tools or a brush designed specifically for joints. For added comfort, it’s usually equipped with a telescopic handle that easily adjusts to body height. In addition, people use the gas torch method of weed removal. This method is particularly effective on moss, where the root system is also destroyed.

When other methods fail, more and more often we are reaching for chemicals that remove weeds very easily indeed. We should use this method very carefully. Chemical treatments are not the most environmentally friendly and we should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It must not get on other plants and if your path is on sloping ground, the chemicals may run off.

Source: Pixabay

Ecology First

A greener alternative to chemical spraying is to make your own all-natural product.


  • 2 litres of vinegar
  • 1 litre of water

Spray the prepared solution on the weed affected areas. Apply in dry weather to allow the solution to work undisturbed. If this preparation does not give the desired result, this can be repeated or sprayed with undiluted vinegar only.

Prevention is important

Special impregnating agents should be used on clean tiles. After such treatment, your pavement will be more resistant to the penetration of various substances and will become easier to maintain. The deposits can then be easily removed with a pressure washer. We try to use mechanical cleaning of the pavement as little as possible. The structure of the pavement may be disturbed. Such damaged areas become less resistant to weathering.

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