A little alcohol will help with learning foreign languages and pronunciation. A pint of beer will do!

It has been known for ages that alcohol breaks the ice and loosens inhibitions. People are more relaxed after a glass of alcohol and no one doubts that moderate drinking of beer or wine can even have beneficial health effects. According to research conducted by the Australian and New Zealand National Institutes of Health, moderate drinking can also have an effect on language learning and increase the psychological effect of learning languages. Why should you have a glass of wine?

Alcohol drinking has a positive effect on language learning

Will alcohol help you when speaking a foreign language? Based on evidence found during research and published in the British Journal of Psychopharmacology, alcohol has a positive effect when learning foreign languages. No matter the type of alcohol, you can drink wine, beer, cocktails and spirits in general. However, the rule of thumb is that it must be a small amount of alcohol. In that case, the person can speak the foreign language with greater fluency, at the same time doing so unconsciously. According to research, a pint of beer for a person weighing about 70 kg is sufficient for this purpose. The results seem to be related to higher levels of self-awareness after alcohol consumption, more fluent conversation and a greater willingness to speak were observed.

Source: Pixabay.com

How can I get even better at foreign languages?

Drinking alcohol, of course, is not the only trick in learning foreign languages or the engine of becoming fluent. You can also improve your pronunciation with a variety of modern apps that are specifically designed for foreign language learning, are completely intuitive, and also cater for all levels of proficiency. Other useful learning tools include listening to music or watching films and TV series in the original language, where you can learn slang expressions.

Don’t drink too much alcohol

For learning a foreign language, being able to converse with a native speaker is the best thing, and you’ll do better with one beer, but drinking too much alcohol is not good. After consuming large amounts, the body and mind are damaged. The conditions that follow lead to irritability, anxiety and insomnia. There is also damage to the brain due to dehydration. So in everyday life and when learning languages, stick to that one drink, it will help loosen your tongue but will not cause harm to your body.