A look at the modeling of the future, models are in danger

Our lives are increasingly moving into the realm of the virtual and the internet. This trend has begun to affect the world of fashion and modelling. Will this industry also succumb to this trend? Read today’s article to find out if the future will belong to robots.

The fashion industry needs to modernise

In the past, several designers have succumbed to technological advances and trends. Helmut Lang, for example, who made his name with a fashion show based on CD-ROMs. These media were just beginning in the 1990s, and Lang took advantage of this to create a novel avant-garde experience for show-goers.

Many designers complain that the modelling world is stuck in the era of 50 years ago. They talk about the need for innovation that the industry desperately needs. The coronavirus pandemic has only hastened the process. Anifa Mvuemba was the first designer.

  • the collection was presented in virtual reality
  • models showed virtual models

Why might this be a step in a good direction? Designers will save money. Professional models charge astronomical sums for shows and aspiring designers usually have deep pockets. At the upcoming Fashion Week, perhaps we can expect a lot more virtual reality shows, just because of the coronavirus.

Image source: Pixabay.com

Models at risk?

If it ever comes to the point where models are completely replaced by, for example, robots, what will be the impact? Some will save money, but others will suffer. The show is not just about the models. Someone also has to do their hair and grooming. So hairdressers, stylists, make-up artists will be at risk. Models may one day be replaced by machines, just like workers in big factories.

But the truth is that the human factor cannot be so easily eliminated. Models are often seen as the medium who lets the clothes speak. They tell a common story and can engage the customer. The question is whether robots can replace them in this respect. What about you, can you imagine a fashion show without human models?