A piece of foil is not just for wrapping food, experienced housewives know surprising uses for the whole household

Aluminum foil has many uses. From heat retention, to food packaging and grilling. Such uses are very common and most common in the home. But did you know that aluminum foil has other and also very effective uses that will save you time, money and work? There are countless tricks where aluminium foil will make your work easier. However, we have prepared a few of the most effective ones that you will use the most in your home.

From washing dishes, to sharp scissors, to baking

Did you know that such aluminum foil is the perfect dishwashing sponge? Yes, so perfect that it will be suitable for both dry and wet washing. Just form a piece of foil into a “ball” and simply wipe dirty dishes. This way you can also clean the oven, a hot grill or a baking tray. Just as you clean dishes well, you can sharpen scissors just as well. All you have to do is cut the foil. This simple method will make your scissors as good as new and sharp again.

Source: Pixabay.com

Burnt iron

Have a pile of laundry waiting to be ironed, but your iron looks like a blowtorch burn? Unfortunately, this phenomenon is very common, as many clothes contain synthetic fibres that simply fry on the iron. If your iron is cold, crumple pieces of foil into a ball, like the ones you used to sharpen your scissors, and simply rub the foil over the iron. The foil can also make the unpleasant ironing process faster. Place the aluminium foil under the cover on the ironing board and iron your clothes in the normal way. The heat from the iron will not penetrate to the floor, but instead the heat will reflect and travel back up.

Source: Pixabay.com

Floor protection under furniture

Moving furniture without foot protection leads to floor destruction. To prevent such damage, you can use aluminum foil that you stick to the legs. As a last use, we will introduce you to the foil in the kitchen counter. Well, on the shelf in the kitchen counter to be precise. Spread the foil on the shelves and you’ll enjoy brightened cabinets where it will be easier to find dishes that are out of reach of the eye.