A rock in the garden is not just an aesthetic element. Even a beginner can handle its establishment

It is a good-looking decoration for your house and, if you choose the right plants, it is also easy to use. However, you need to follow certain recommendations to ensure that it thrives and you can enjoy its appearance.

Suitable choice of location

It is important to match the rock garden to your garden, both in size and choice of plants. It’s best to position it so that it has support in the wall of the house, as it could look unnatural in the middle of the lawn. You also need to choose a suitable foundation on which to build it. It must be a permeable material that will stabilise the slope. Construction waste such as brick or concrete is best, and underneath that still comes a pitting sheet. This will prevent moisture from penetrating the subgrade.

Source: Pixabay.com

When to start it and tips for buying individual plants

Spring is the best time of year for several reasons.

  • plants planted in spring are better rooted and acclimatized
  • garden centres have the widest range
  • favourable weather (not so hot)

This doesn’t mean, of course, that you only have to plant in spring. That’s why it’s preferable to buy plants in pots so that you can plant all year round. Conifers can be planted at any time, it’s just important to avoid really hot summer days and harsh frosts.

How to build a rock garden

It really depends on the type of plants you want to plant. It is important to get the ratio of fertile to infertile soil right. Alpine plants need 50-70% non-fertile soil, as they need to mimic the conditions in which they grow as closely as possible. If they grow in lower areas, use a more nutrient-rich soil. The most ideal substrate, however, is not very fertile soil in the rest. Sand or crushed stone can be used as a substrate. Incorporate de-acidified peat into the soil. On top of this, just lay the stones and cover the result with either gravel, bark or broken sedimentary stones. The rock is definitely worth the effort as it can completely change the look of your garden.