A toxic relationship is above all an attack on the psyche, experts advise taking the legs on the shoulders as soon as possible

We all know the phrases repeated over and over again about how relationships take a lot of work and effort, and that arguments are normal and it’s common for someone to lose their temper. As true as all that may be, these simple statements can detract from the serious signals that report that yours is, or is becoming, toxic. Just what to do about it?

And how to avoid repeating it?

What is a toxic relationship anyway?

No relationship is perfect, but a good and healthy relationship should give us a sense of security, happiness, respect and freedom to be ourselves. You make decisions together, discuss any problems openly and really enjoy your partner’s company. On the other side of the coin are toxic relationships. The ones that make us feel exhausted, tired and upset. They mainly attack your self-esteem, your happiness and the way you look at yourself and the world. And when you work or run a business every day, that’s the last thing you need.

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How do I know if I’m in an unhealthy relationship like this


Realizing that your relationship is toxic is absolutely crucial. It can save you from repercussions that can really complicate your life. To continue in it is like holding your hand over the self-destruct button. Also, let’s remember that there are no tables on it that will clearly confirm that this is the case. While we may find our partner toxic, another woman may not. But there are a few warning signs that something is wrong in your relationship;

  • You feel frustrated and out of energy
  • You keep hoping your partner will change
  • He’s overly jealous
  • He’s attacking your self-esteem
  • The word “no” means nothing
  • It’s all your fault

Toxic people have the ability to wrap you around their finger so that you can overlook their behavior. Of course, love is the most powerful human emotion that sends us to joyful heights from which we never want to descend. But it can equally trip us up and bring us to our knees.

Can I fix this?

They say relationships are worth fighting for. Well… not all of them. As for the toxic stuff, fighting and holding on to something that doesn’t fight back and return your efforts will destroy you. If you still believe you can change your counterpart, you can’t. You can’t just change a character that has been developed over several years. Sometimes relationships do require sacrifices, but not when your self-respect and freedom are on the line.

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What should I do then?

Take the time to think carefully about your relationship. If you are not happy with the way your partner treats you, you have the right to demand change. For example, you can use couples therapy to help. If nothing changes, think about whether it is better to move on and move on.

Relationships are very important to people and a toxic relationship can rob you of precious time and energy. Stay true to yourself and your values, listen to your heart and be strong to break free from it.