According to experts, working in the garden has a positive effect on the human psyche

It’s certainly no surprise that villagers who regularly tend to their gardens are somehow calmer and more content. According to research, it’s something as simple as gardening that’s to blame. Fortunately, a little of those plants and the joy of seeing them thrive can make it into a city apartment. And what are the mental health benefits of gardening? You might be surprised, but the positive effects are evident on several different levels. Find out more directly in the article.

Distraction from everyday problems

While working in the garden, you really forget about the worries of work and such. In fact, you only focus on removing weeds, placing new plants correctly, trimming the tree and other important tasks without which the garden will not thrive as you imagine. With simple manual work, you give your head and brain a rest. In fact, working in the garden or tending to a large number of houseplants is ideal especially for office jobs and for anyone who wants to reduce the amount of stress from work. The good news is that there’s plenty to do in the garden throughout the year, so it’s very likely that you won’t know what to do. After all, there is always something that can be improved.


What else does gardening help with and what are the benefits?

  • Outdoors in the fresh air
  • Contact with nature as close as possible
  • The joy of thriving flowers

You are seeing meaningful results behind you


According to research, the simple fact that you can see the clear results of your work behind you is an extra big positive when gardening. Once you have removed the weeds from behind the bed, it starts to look more manicured. When you plant a new tree, you can watch it gradually grow and thrive. There are many examples. Again, this fact of seeing the results of your work behind you is ideal for people who normally engage in mainly intellectual and less tangible activities. This is because in this case, there may not be as much dopamine and related hormones being released that make us feel good after a job well done.

Visitors and passers-by admire the result of your work

You also feel good about the finished job when visitors and passers-by start admiring your garden. You will get further confirmation that your regular work while gardening is really worthwhile. Plus, if you go to the extra trouble of landscaping your garden in a slightly natural style, you may occasionally see all sorts of visitors from the animal kingdom. With shrubs and flowers in bloom, butterflies and bees make your garden even more beautiful. A larger tree will provide shelter for birds and a terraced rockery will offer a place for rare lizards and some insects. In fact, a colourful and lively garden looks much better than an ordinary English lawn, where there is not much life.