Apricots are unique for health, it’s good to have a supply of dried ones for Christmas

During the holiday season we got used to the first apricots from Moravia appearing in shops and markets. They attract us with their pleasant smell and sweet and sour taste. Apricots came to Europe via Armenia, where there are more than 50 varieties.

To be truly full of flavour, the fruit needs warmth and plenty of sun. In our conditions, the apricot is often threatened by spring frosts because of its early germination. Gardeners therefore plant the tree close to the walls on the south side. During spring frosts, they try to protect it with various wraps.

When choosing fruit, avoid pale and yellow pieces. These will be unripe and bland in flavour. Fruit that has hard flesh has been picked unripe and is lower in antioxidants.

Proven beneficial effects on human health

Blueberries strengthen the immune system and help lower blood cholesterol levels. They can improve mood and slow down cell aging. It is recommended to eat three pieces of this miraculous fruit a day in order to have a rejuvenating effect. In addition, it is beneficial for hair, nails, skin, but also relieves fatigue and relieves asthma symptoms.

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High in vitamins and minerals

  • potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus
  • vitamins PP, A, B and C
  • fibre

With the lack of seasonal fruits, we can easily find dried apricots in stores and supermarkets. Industrially dried fruit can be treated with sulphur to prolong shelf life, so you should wash it before eating. It is not difficult to find dried apricots even in organic quality.

Source: Pixabay.com

If you want to make your own apricot stock for the winter, in addition to drying, you can stick to old tried-and-true recipes and make homemade apricot compote or preserves, for example. Compared to store-bought marmalades, yours will be full of flavour and summer sunshine. For health-conscious eaters, many companies also offer products for making homemade marmalades in reduced-sugar versions.