Arrows perfectly strengthen health, but some plunder them just for the sake of earning money. Therefore, for many interested parties, there is no choice

Hornets are often very underrated. We may walk past the typical shrubs many times, but we don’t realise how beneficial they can be. Many people are familiar with the popular rosehip tea, but not how it can benefit the human body. Yet it is the fruits of the bushes that ripen in autumn that are literally beneficial to the body. And if you pick more rose hips than you can consume, you can sell them and earn quite a bit of money. Tea producers will literally rip your hands off for them! But it’s important to know that any hairs on the harvested rosehips are removed immediately. They could cause allergic reactions later on.

When do we pick rose hips?

The ideal time to harvest rose hips is from late September to mid-October. At this time, rose hips are orange to red in colour and hard. If you find softened rose hips that are more brown in colour, do not pick them. Before you go picking, you need to think about the fact that this is a woody plant that contains thorns. So take scissors and gloves. You should pick before the first frost, as the vitamin content is reduced when it freezes.

Source: Pixabay

How do we dry arrows?

You can dry rose hips whole, but if you have a fruit dehydrator, you can also dry them cut into pieces. How to dry? Beware of common mistakes. People are afraid that the rose hips will burn, so they don’t dry them. Or, on the contrary, they dry rose hips at high temperatures so that they burn and lose their vitamins. Definitely do not exceed 80 °C when drying.

  • Remove the stems and sepals from the rosehips.
  • Spread them on a baking tray with baking paper (or in trays in the oven).
  • Dry them at 60 °C (oven with the door slightly open).

Storage of dried rose hips

Properly dried rose hips should retain their dark red colour. Let them cool completely and then place them in airtight containers. Store them in a dry, dark place. The longer you store rose hips, the lower their vitamin content will be. It is therefore advisable to use them within one year. You can also sell properly dried rose hips. This year, buyers are offering a price of around CZK 35 per kilogram of dried rose hips.