Artichoke benefits health and helps in weight loss. Unfortunately, only a small part of the large plant is consumed

Let a little exoticism into your diet. Artichoke is a genus of warm-loving perennial plants that resembles the thistle, to which it is related. It looks inconspicuous, but its hidden power for the human body is all the greater. Even our grandmothers praised the use of artichokes because they are a source of vitamins and much more.

It has many important properties

It is worth including them in our diet because they have many valuable nutritional properties. For centuries, artichoke has been one of the best medicines for the liver and gallbladder. It increases the production of bile and also its excretion, promotes the detoxification of the liver and the excretion of harmful substances in the urine. It also has strong anti-allergic effects, which is well applied in the treatment of various eczema. It contains cynarin, which helps to reduce excessively high cholesterol and prevents its deposition in the blood vessels. It is therefore recommended especially for people suffering from diabetes. The exception is people struggling with urolithiasis. For them, artichoke could be rather harmful.


Supports the weight loss process

Artichokes are an excellent ingredient when dieting because they will positively affect your metabolism. They are low in calories and contain a lot of fibre, thanks to which they support the weight loss process. Eating artichokes will also give us a feeling of satiety, so you won’t need to eat as much after eating them.


Preparation of artichoke

Artichoke is certainly not a suitable ingredient for a quick kitchen. Its preparation is lengthy but very interesting. There are many ways to consume it. It is eaten raw, boiled or stewed, grilled, fried or pickled. Most often, however, artichokes are eaten cooked and drizzled with olive oil. The leaves are torn off individually and dipped in various dips and sauces. Artichokes can be filled with all kinds of fillings. They can also be baked, added to omelettes or, for example, to pasta. Artichokes are an excellent accompaniment to steaks. Pickled artichokes are most often found in appetizers.