At first glance, the drink resembles the well-known over-sweetened lemonade, after drinking it helps to lose weight and cleanse the body

It’s reminiscent of Coca Cola in color, but it’s not Coca Cola. It’s something much healthier and better for the body. Black lemonade is a drink that is gaining popularity in many countries. It detoxifies the body while giving it plenty of energy. But what is black lemonade?


Meet the new hit

Black Lemonade is a drink made with water, lemon juice and activated black carbon. So, after black ice cream, there is now black lemonade and just like it was before, no one can resist and not try this drink! You can prepare it at home too, you only need a few ingredients and you can create a great detox bomb. Prepare:

  • lemon juice,
  • 1 small teaspoon of crushed activated charcoal,
  • sweetener,
  • ice,
  • 1 liter of water (tap or mineral).

Mix the juice of the lemon with charcoal (must be suitable for internal use), then add the other ingredients and you are done. Drink in sips throughout the day and wash down with plenty of clean water. If you are taking medication, it is best to consume the lemonade in a smaller dose and at a sufficient interval between medications (at least 2 hours).

Close up on its ingredients

Active charcoal has been used to treat diarrhea since time immemorial, so even if you have digestive problems, you don’t have to be afraid to reach for it. Citrus fruits then provide a huge supply of vitamin C, which increases resistance to disease, strengthens teeth and bones, improves iron absorption and much more. If you use mineral water instead of tap water, you’ve won!

What can it help you with?

Regular drinking of such lemonade improves the condition of the whole organism. It reduces susceptibility to infections by increasing resistance to stress. But above all (and this is where its popularity lies) activated charcoal cleanses the body of toxins. Plus, it gives you an energy boost so you can say goodbye to cola drinks. If you avoid over-sweetening, the drink is also suitable for diabetics.