At least one flower in each house. Even a beginner can take care of some species

Every one of us should let a little bit of nature into the house. Flowers and houseplants are not only beautiful decorations, but they also help purify the air. When choosing them, we should focus not only on their appearance, but also on their growing requirements or any allergies the household occupants may have. What flowers are trending right now and which ones to reach for if you have decided to conjure up at least a little green oasis in your home?

Flowering plants

For those who have at least a little time to care for them and also like to please the eye with colourful blooms, the range of charming flowers is very wide. Some of the most popular flowers include the potato plant, the African violet, begonia, shovel flower, Christmas or Easter cactus, azaleas, gerberas, Arabic jasmine, myrtle, Japanese camellia and the proud dwarf. In case you would like to reach for species that offer a wide range of colourful flowers, then choose, for example, African violet, succulents, orchid or African nettle.

Flowering Plants

Plants that bloom but the flowers are not showy or even fall off over time can be included in this group. These plants then attract growers mainly by their leaves, which vary in shape and colour. Examples include the Japanese aucuba, elephant foot, mountain palm, tiny ficus, root flower, kidney flower, antler flower and spleenwort.


Demanding houseplants

Not all of us are avid gardeners, nor do we all have a plethora of free time to devote to flower care. In such a case, it is advisable to reach for plants that are not only easy to care for but also to water. Some of these flowers include cactus, banana tree, yucca, moth, aloe vera and mother-in-law’s tongue.


Hanging and climbing houseplants

The trend in recent years has been so-called kokedams. These are natural spherical pots that are moss-encased and filled with soil with the roots of suitable plants embedded in them. A long-standing trend is overhanging plants, hung directly from the ceiling or on high shelves, from which the stems flow freely downwards. Support ladders or metal structures around which the stems can wrap are important for climbing plants. Examples of climbing and overhanging plants include kidneyweed, ivy, passionflower, cuckleberry, yarrow, echynanthus and pepper plant.