Autumn advice for gardeners. What not to forget in October?

The colourful blossoms are slowly fading in October, but the gardener’s work is piling up. It’s the perfect time to prepare the garden for next year. Do you know what you shouldn’t forget so that you can continue to enjoy succulent produce and healthy plants in the future? We have some tips for you this autumn month.

Soil needs special care

Let the places you plan to plant go unnoticed for now. Wait until it has been dry for a few days and focus on the beds in your garden that will be loose over the winter. October is the ideal month to plough all these spots.

Also think ahead about the plants you will be planting here and choose the depth of the digging accordingly. You can add some manure or ash to the soil to enrich it with beneficial substances for next year.


Don’t forget the little things

Your garden will also appreciate other small tasks in October. If you take the time to do them, you will be doing a service not only to your plants, but often to many animals as well.

  • turning the compost
  • creating a winter feeder
  • harvesting hazelnuts
  • planting many kinds of fruit trees

If you don’t want to be horrified by the damage mice have done this spring, fight them now. Use bait to lure them out of your garden, or you’ll be left crying your eyes out in the spring over chewed tree bark or paths in your lawn.

Harvesting vegetables and planting fruit trees

With the night frosts slowly pushing their roots out, it’s a good idea to harvest kohlrabi, turnips or spinach right at the start of autumn. On the other hand, take your time with radishes, celery or asparagus.

Autumn is the ideal time of year to plant fruit trees. When planting, check the health of the roots and remove any damaged ones. Small trees can be wrapped in burlap to protect them from frost. Smaller fruit bushes can also be planted. Always make sure you have sufficient space, the right soil composition and environmental conditions for the fruit tree before planting.