Autumn, or how to entertain children in rainy weather

The year has come and gone and autumn is here again. Some years it turns out and there is no shortage of sunny days, but other years it rains from morning till night. And moms have the daunting task of keeping their little ones entertained when they can’t go outside.

Create an autumn decoration

Shadows of red, yellow, orange and brown, that’s autumn, full of colourful leaves that beckon you to pick them up and create an autumn decoration. Arrange together with your children to make flower boxes or flowerpots to display outside your window or front door. Pumpkins, which are easy to find at this time of year, are a perfect match for the multi-coloured leaves. You can also use various sticks (birch sticks look great), ears of corn, snail shells, moss, various stones, pine cones, etc. If you go for a walk, you will surely find plenty of material to create. There is no limit to your imagination. If you leave the initiative to the children, you will certainly be pleasantly surprised and the children will be delighted with the product.


Snuggle under the blanket

Pick a book to read together and get under the blanket. Who reads is up to you. Either you can, or if you have a school-age child at home, let them read to you instead. Choose a picture book, so even younger children who can’t read yet can make up and tell the story. They will develop their imagination and have a lot of fun.

Are you tired of reading and it’s still raining outside? Never mind, you can turn on the TV and watch a fairy tale. Animated fairy tales are excellent and very popular with children and many of them are also liked by adults. Or play games, these are popular with all generations. For example, you can play memory games, board games or cards.

More tips

Colouring colouring books, painting, cutting out, gluing, modelling, all of these are fun for children. Create something else with an autumn theme. If you have extra at home:

  • string
  • spray
  • a large sheet of paper

You can even try to make a kite. Don’t know how to do it? No problem, you can find the procedure on the Internet, including video instructions.