Basic equipment for a newborn baby – what to buy?

And it’s here! The arrival of a baby into the world is undoubtedly the most beautiful event in life for parents. Pregnancy and the birth of the offspring itself are accompanied by a lot of conflicting emotions. From endless joy and happiness, to doubts about whether we can take care of the baby, to worries about whether we have really got everything we need for a smooth start in life for our little creature.

Before the baby arrives, it is essential to acquire the following:

  • Bed
  • Buggy
  • Clothes and cosmetics


There are countless types of cots on the market today. From the very ordinary wooden ones to the growing cribs, which adapt in size to the growth of the child for several years of its life. When it comes to choosing the right one, it depends on each parent’s preferences… but safety should be a priority. It is therefore important to choose a quality crib with a solid and stable construction that will guarantee your baby’s safety. Another essential aspect is, of course, the safety of the materials used to treat the crib, especially the paints and varnishes.



The stroller is another item to consider. For newborns, strollers with a deep bassinet are typical, which provides the baby with protection from unwanted environmental influences. Combination strollers can also be purchased, where the cradle is simply detached and converted into a golf cart for the baby to use later. Combination pushchairs are popular with many mothers thanks to their practicality. Of course, it is a matter of course to purchase the equipment for the stroller according to the current season. In winter, a warm stuffed animal is a must, while in summer a lighter blanket or even a pillow will suffice.

Clothing and cosmetics

Babies generally grow very fast. For this reason, it is sufficient to have only a few pieces in newborn sizes of each type of clothing in advance and to purchase the rest as needed when the baby is born. However, a staple for all seasons should be onesies, baby bodysuits, overalls, cotton socks, and possibly a cap, sweater or sweatpants. The rest depends on the season. As for cosmetics, babies don’t need it that much, given that plain water is enough to wash them. However, it is always worth investing in a natural one-component oil, such as calendula, which reliably moisturizes the baby’s dry skin.