Bed linen according to the four seasons

Some people don’t like cotton bed linen, others prefer satin. However, to enhance the quality of your sleep, you should change it according to the season. Different materials have different properties and will better protect your body from heat or cold. There are also sheets suitable for year-round use.



When the mercury rises on the thermometer, replace your bedding with linen. It’s breathable, the fabric is pleasantly refreshing, and it’s also suitable for those with allergies.


Satin is not really a material, but a weaving technique. The tight weave makes the fabric soft like silk and extremely flexible. It is shiny on one side and matte on the other. The shiny side gives the fabric a glamorous look and creates a pleasant play of lights.

Mostly made of cotton, it has great properties.

  • Airiness
  • Excellent humidity control

Satin can also be made from more expensive silk. Did you know that sleeping on a silk pillow is like a beauty treatment? It moisturizes your skin and hair. It soothes troubled skin and helps prevent wrinkles and split ends.

Don’t confuse with synthetic satin, which is not breathable and does not regulate moisture. In addition, it is flammable.


The linen is made of cotton and features a silky soft surface. It is smoother than cotton but lacks the sheen of satin. It is pleasantly cool on summer days.




Very suitable for the winter months. Flannel is a cotton, fluffy, soft fabric that retains warmth.

In addition to cotton, it can also be made from wool or synthetic fibres.

Spring and Autumn


Natural cotton is soft to the touch, breathable and hypoallergenic. In addition, it absorbs moisture. The quality depends on the number of fibres used, the more the better. Cotton tends to vary in size, so pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Most commonly made from cotton and wool. It is a soft and breathable fabric that absorbs moisture. It does not need to be ironed.


A synthetic material made of polyester and polyamide and despite not being a natural fabric, it has the same properties as cotton. It wicks away moisture well. It is characterized by high breathability, lightness and durability. In addition, it does not wrinkle and is quick drying.