Beware of pesticides on food. A simple two-ingredient bath will remove them

It may happen that you are standing in front of the fruit counter and you are wondering whether to take the one from the Czech garden or the cheaper one imported from abroad. Most of the time we reach for the cheaper one, but it is full of pesticides. So how do you make the right decision?

What are pesticides

These are chemicals designed to prevent disease on crops and protect them from unwanted pests. They may be used with good intention but in the end they are harmful to humans in large quantities. They can severely damage the nervous system and brain damage can be permanent. Therefore, their consumption should be avoided. However, this is not easy, we cannot normally see pesticides. Despite being oily and greasy, we can’t even smell them with our bare hands. To avoid them, people prefer to buy organic food. But not everyone can afford it. So how can we get rid of them?


How to get them off the surface of crops

Special healthy fruit and vegetable cleaning products can be purchased in various stores, but unfortunately they are not cheap. However, they can be made more cheaply at home. There are two simple ways.

  • water with salt
  • vinegar and baking soda with added grapefruit seeds

If you decide to go with option number 1, all you need to do is soak the produce in a solution of water and sea salt or lemon juice. The fruit or vegetable will be soaked in the mixture for 10 minutes and then you just need to wash it. The second method is more laborious, but is also recommended. The water should end up cloudy or at least yellowish. The main thing is always to rinse the food at the end to get rid of any preparations that have been used on it. The whole cleaning process will only take a few minutes and, given the risk posed by consuming pesticides, should be a daily act. It is a very cheap option to live a healthier life without having to buy overpriced cleaning products.