Black pepper is not just a spice. Experienced housewives also add it to the washing machine

You’ve probably never thought to add black pepper to your laundry. Who would put it in there, right? Absolute nonsense! But today we’re going to let you in on a secret you probably didn’t even know. Black pepper has a wide range of uses:

  • In the kitchen
  • In medicine
  • But also in washing

New shirt to throw away

You know the drill, you’ve bought a beautiful shirt or blouse and you’ve been looking forward to everyone admiring you in it. However, a few weeks later, you sadly discover that it is losing its color and fading. What a shame, especially when it cost you a lot of money. And what about the black trousers that fit you so well, only to turn grey after a few washes? Afraid you’ll have no choice but to throw them away? These ruined ones may already be, but you won’t need new ones if you heed our tip in this article, and that’s black pepper.

How not to ruin your laundry

Before we talk more about black pepper, however, it’s good to know how not to ruin your laundry by washing it yourself. After all, sometimes an accident can happen if you don’t know what to wash with and how many degrees. It is therefore better to prevent accidents and know the inputs and outputs of the washing cycle. What is appropriate to put in the washing machine and what is not. That way, you won’t have white clothes turning blue or red and ruining your new shirt or blouse.


The problem with faded colors

Faded colors probably don’t make anyone happy, and they can really be a problem on a holiday shirt. In this case, you often have no choice but to say goodbye to your favourite wardrobe pieces and get new ones. However, if this keeps happening, there must be a mistake somewhere! It’s time to break this vicious circle. Forget about expensive cleaning products that supposedly protect the colour of your clothes. Instead, try this cheap and easy trick.

Black pepper is the solution

Pepper can handle even the smallest detergent residue. It gets caught in the laundry and is the main cause of faded colors and unwanted white spots. How to avoid this? Add one teaspoon of black pepper to the wash. Just the one you normally use in the kitchen. Sprinkle the pepper into the rinse area. But be careful not to add it to the washing powder that is intended for the main wash. If you try this trick, faded colours will become a thing of the past for you. The black pepper will rid your laundry of all the powder and your clothes will shine clean and beautiful bright colours after every wash.