Breeders spend more, conferences focus on getting them

The branch meeting of Friends of Pets 2020 was scheduled for 17th September in KC City in Prague. It was focused on the dynamically developing segment of pet food and pet supplies. Even in the extraordinary times we are going through, this market confirms its growth potential. The conference will bring a number of presentations by domestic and international speakers as well as a platform for expert discussion. What did the invitation to this event, of which many lay people have no idea, promise?

Particularly in recent years, manufacturers and retailers have responded to the increasing purchasing power and demands of customers by expanding the range of premium products and other value-added services (veterinary consulting, animal cosmetics and even animal psychology). The range of topics related to nutrition and pet care is covered in several presentations. Wim Petermans from Wellpet will describe the trends in dog and cat care not only in Europe but also in the USA. Patricia Heydtmann from Partner in Pet Foods will talk about strengthening the immunity of dogs and MVDr. Petra Miklišová will focus on the nutrition of neutered cats.

Further presentations will focus on market development and individual sales channels. Markéta Rybářová from Dataweps will summarise the impact of the covida pandemic on this market segment. Timo Pärssinen from Prima Pet Premium will present a case study on successful sales of premium products in hypermarkets. Štěpánka Vítová from Mall Group will look at the sale of pet products in the online environment. Milan Havlíček from Yieldigo will advise how to set the right price. A highlight will be an interview with Filip Rožek, author of the book Gump-Dog Who Taught Me How to Live. In the afternoon, there will be two panel discussions focusing on the role and evolution of large format and small specialty stores.


What is the best PET SHOP of the year?

The conference program will include the announcement of the second annual PET SHOP OF THE YEAR competition, which aims to contribute to the cultivation of the market and promote the role of small independent stores. Dozens of stores from different regions of the Czech Republic have entered the competition. The finalists will receive a certificate confirming the standard of quality customer service and the 3 best representatives will receive the title of PET SHOP of the Year and valuable prizes from the competition partners. Mr. and Mrs. Jindra, owners of Zooshop from Český Krumlov, which won the first year of the competition, will also share their experience in running an independent shop.


We hold safe conferences

As is customary at conferences organized by Blue Events, in addition to lectures and discussions, visitors can enjoy a friendly atmosphere, excellent catering and a large space for personal networking. We make sure to provide a comfortable and safe environment for you to meet. When organizing conferences, we follow the NOCOVID rules issued by the CEA. Therefore, we choose conference rooms with large capacity to provide participants with ample personal space. We have a bottle of hand sanitizer and a spare drape for everyone. Also, the caterer ensures maximum safety and adherence to hygiene recommendations, and people can eat their food comfortably at their seats in the hall.