Car wax as a helper in the kitchen, saves many housewives the work and effort of cleaning

You’d never think that something like car wax could be used in the kitchen. But the opposite is true! Car wax is a unique helper for cleaning the stove. Without it, you might have scrubbed it for a long time with no results. With wax, however, everything will go faster and there will be no trace of dried oil drops or burnt-on spots.

How to clean a gas cooker

It’s not entirely within our power to keep a gas cooker clean, as spillages and spills are perfectly normal during cooking and not to be blamed. Unfortunately, when you’re cooking there’s not as much room for immediate clean-up, the stove is hot and you’re not doing ten things at once, so it happens that the dirt dries and you can’t easily remove it afterwards. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much about it because there is a solution, and that is car wax.


How it works

Wondering why something as special as car wax works to clean your stove? The explanation is simple. Car wax is made to make your car shine and protect it from scratches. Any dirt that then sticks to the car gets trapped on the wax layer, making the car much easier to clean. In addition, the wax itself:

  • Fights stains
  • Resists fingerprints
  • Repels dust and dirt

Easy cleaning thanks to wax layer


For the same reason, you can also apply car wax to your gas stove. The layer of wax applied will ensure that dirt and liquids are easily wiped away. Intrigued? But before you take the plunge, make sure your gas stove is completely clean. This is important so that the wax sticks well on the stove. Then apply the wax to the stove with a cloth. Follow the instructions on the packaging and make sure the stove is completely cool! This great technique can also be used on most gas stoves, including stainless steel, metal, glass and ceramic. The wax will last about two weeks. After that, it needs to be reapplied.