Caring for outdoor paving can be challenging. The reward will be clean, shiny and weed-free joints

Whoever has a house, naturally also thinks about improving the land around it. Not only is there a garden, but there are also paths or driveways. The ideal material for this is paving. It may look absolutely perfect for the first few months, but if it is not looked after for a long time, it will show its ugly side. That’s why it’s important to take care of the paving, clean it and look after it. Together we will show you all the methods and variations. Taking care of it can be complicated in some cases, but seeing the result will reassure you that you have done the right thing.

How to clean weeds and moss from paving

  • by hand,
  • with potash water,
  • with a high-pressure cleaner

Hand removal is quite laborious, done after rain, weeds are then easier to remove. You will find it easier to pull weeds using potato water. After boiling the potatoes, pour hot and salty water on the affected areas. This will cause the plants to die and they can be easily pulled out after three days.

If you choose to clean with a high-pressure cleaner, make sure that the pressure is not too strong. Less pressure and hot water is best. Do not hold the water stream vertically, make sure the water hits at a 45 degree angle. This will prevent the sand from washing out and the tiles from sagging

Before cleaning

First, remove loose dirt from your paving. Be careful not to scratch your tiles, so use soft-bristled tools. When doing this, pay particular attention to the material from which the paving itself is made. You could damage the paving by improper cleaning. If you are not sure what type it is, do a quick acid test.

Source: Pixabay

Apply a drop of acid in an inconspicuous area, if this drop begins to react and forms a white foam on the surface, indicating the presence of lime, this tile should be treated without the use of acid or acid solutions.

Soda water on concrete paving


First, remove the mossy areas. Then bring 10 litres of water to the boil and add 100 grams of soda. While still hot, apply to the pavement and spread evenly with a broom or rubber squeegee. Leave for about 5 hours. Then wash the stones with clean water. This will not only clean your paving stones, but also eliminate weeds from the joints. Remember to protect your eyes while you work.

Neutral soap for natural stones

Marble, sandstone or granite are natural stones and are considered particularly durable. In addition, unlike other types of stone, they have optimal heat conduction. However, they are very sensitive to acids. It is not recommended to use citric or acetic acid.

Here again, moss removal is the first rule. Then fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add neutral soap. Apply this mixture to the paving stones and leave for about half an hour. After that, the dirt should be easy to remove with a brush.

For some, renting or buying a machine to clean the pavers directly may be a more pleasant option. In some cases, you may only need to purchase a specific part for your current vaping machine.

If you are frustrated by these methods or are short on time, leave the cleaning to the professionals