Cats don’t destroy furniture on purpose, simple tricks will protect expensive furnishings in any home

Anyone who keeps cats must know that it is sometimes challenging to teach them to scratch their claws in places that are designed for this purpose. Even an innocent pastime can turn into a battle between the cat and you, and you may take a few welts. A cat’s claws are very sharp and need to be sharpened by the cat itself. Unfortunately, they use furniture to do this rather than cat scratchers specifically designed for this purpose.

Flowers, curtains or carpets can also catch it

It can take several months to teach your cat not to scratch furniture. But there are a few tricks that will make it easier for your cat to learn to do this without destroying furniture. Why do cats use their claws to scratch furniture anyway? First, they do it to get rid of the scales that surround the claws. They also want to stretch after a long rest. You can make them a scratching post yourself, just use a few wooden cylinders that you can wrap with sisal.


Cats are on their own, though, and it can take a while for them to notice the scratching post. But you can spray it with a spray that will attract their attention. These are mainly booby sprays. The goatskin is filled with toys so that the cats will play with them. Its smell is like a drug for them.

Some cats don’t intentionally destroy furniture, so they may point out a problem

If your cat is scratching your furniture while ignoring the designated areas, you’d better check your cat’s claws to see if there’s a problem. They may be ingrown or otherwise out of place, and the cat’s scratching will alert you that it’s hurting and needs help. If you can’t do it yourself, see your vet.


Pots should be out of reach of cats. They like to nibble on the leaves of plants, but some can be poisonous to them. The solution is cat grass, which is easy to plant at home and will not only help cats satisfy their craving for the plant, but also improve the functioning of their digestive system. 

Cats don’t usually sleep in the beds you get them. They love different boxes and anything that isn’t actually a bed. They will fit in places that are hard to believe. Some cats also like to dig in the soil you have plants planted in. You can put citrus peel in the pot or scare the cat with a little water.