Chalk is no longer just a symbol of school desks, its use in the home makes many tasks easier than just cleaning

Many people associate chalk only with learning in school desks or drawing on sidewalks or the ground in the playground. Nowadays it is finding popularity especially with children. However, the classic white chalk can also be very well used as a capable helper in various areas of household care where you probably wouldn’t expect it. The advantage of chalk is its high absorbency, white abrasion or rough fine-grained texture with very diverse applications. Here are some tips on where chalk can be applied.

Using chalk in the home

Chalk is used primarily for its absorbency and abrasiveness. It is therefore excellent as a cleaning agent or moisture regulator.

  • Moisture

Chalk serves as a great absorbent that is excellent in very humid rooms or storage areas of the home, such as kitchen cabinets or refrigerators, where it also effectively absorbs odors. However, if you use it in this way, be sure to change it as soon as it gets completely wet. The absorbent properties of chalk are also used to protect silver, which tends to blacken in damp environments. A piece of chalk is placed where silver objects are stored.

  • Mastnota

Chalk can also be used on grease stains, whether on clothing or other surfaces. It is enough to dust the clothes with crushed chalk, leave it for a while and then shake it off – the grease will disappear and after washing it will be spotless again.

  • Brass cleaning and metal protection

Thanks to its absorption capabilities, chalk can reduce rusting of metal objects. Primarily, a piece of chalk can be left in place or can then be cleaned using chalk powder. Brass objects (doorknobs, handles, decorative forged objects, etc.), on the other hand, can be beautifully cleaned with a chalk paste made by crushing the chalk and mixing it with vinegar.

  • Pest Control

Chalk powder works to repel ants and slugs. If they start to appear in large numbers in your garden, just sprinkle the areas in question with chalk powder – they tend to avoid such places.

  • Cosmetics and Skin

In addition to the applications listed, chalk can be used successfully as a cosmetic to help lighten nails. It can also be used as a standard roughening powder when handling slippery objects.