Characteristic changes in the dog’s behavior may not be trivial, they indicate diseases that need to be caught early

Being a dog owner entails, besides all the joyful moments, also regular care for his health. Apart from checking with the vet, you also need to be vigilant about the animal’s behaviour. Any changes can indicate the presence of health problems that need to be addressed in a timely manner. Knowing the most common symptoms can then save your animal friend’s life.

Energy drop

Different character traits are typical for domesticated animals, among which the dog has its irreplaceable place. Some dogs tend to be more calm, while others are brimming with energy. If a dog that is typically characterised by a huge amount of energy develops a significant loss of zest for life during its productive years, there may be a health problem. If you observe this phenomenon over a long period of time, consult a veterinarian.


An appetite change

If a dog loses his appetite, it may not always be a sign of health complications. Still, caution is in order here as well. Due to the sensitivity of the olfactory organs, it may be “mere” rancidity of the food; fatigue or high temperatures may also play a part. If it is a more serious problem, the loss of interest in the food is usually associated with other more significant changes – stomach problems manifested by vomiting or diarrhoea, an unusually high need for sleep or general apathy. In these cases, have your dog seen by a veterinarian.


Vomiting is not always an indication of a health problem – this is how dogs clean their stomachs of foreign bodies, for example. Increased attention is appropriate when diarrhoea is added to vomiting. This combination contributes significantly to dehydration and weakening of the organism. If blood appears in the residues thus expelled, consult a specialist. These problems may indicate the presence of infections, organ problems or diabetes.


Condition of coat

The most noticeable changes tend to be associated with coat condition. Health complications can be manifested by more intense hair loss, but often also by dullness, increased brittleness or discolouration. If matting is involved, focus on vitamin intake. If you find baldness, rashes, wounds or growths that are difficult to heal, contact a veterinarian. The eyes should also be clear and free of tears or pus. Don’t forget about dental health – you can keep your teeth clean with the right tools.