Cherry tincture can replace even medicines full of chemistry, properly stored will last for years at home

Homemade tincture is one way to prepare cherries for winter. Berry liqueurs have been very popular lately, plus they are an Old Slavic tradition. Moreover, the aromatic sweet drinks preserve all the medicinal properties of the fruit. On the Internet you can find many recipes for cherry tincture, which have been known for generations.

How to prepare a good quality cherry tincture?


You will need 12 kilograms of cherries and 4 kilograms of honey. The preparation is also simple, you just need to follow certain steps. Fill the barrel with ripe and cleaned cherries, but leave about 15-20 cm of space at the top. Pour the honey into the barrels. Pour it in slowly to fill in all the gaps between the cherries. Seal the barrel tightly and put it in the cellar for three months. During this time, fermentation will take place and it is important to remember that the barrel must be strong enough, otherwise it will crack.

After three months, you can strain the cherry tincture and fill the bottles with it. This way you can store it in sealed bottles for several years. Cherries are a reservoir of natural substances and chemical compounds that are essential for the functioning of our bodies.

Pectins and fiber stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, also activate the stomach and intestines. They help rid the body of harmful substances. Cherries are mainly recommended for those who work in difficult conditions or have undergone chemotherapy. Acids improve digestibility and help build bacterial flora in the digestive tract.

Cherries are a vitamin bomb

They contain vitamin A which affects visual acuity, B vitamins are responsible for skin health and elasticity and also for rapid body development. Vitamin C is globally known to support the immune system and protect against various diseases such as:

  • Cooling
  • Flu
  • Bacterial and viral infections
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Vitamin E has antioxidant properties, rutin is essential for the growth of the circulatory system. Cherries also contain nicotinic acid, which regulates blood cholesterol levels and strengthens blood vessels and the heart.