Clean your home in minutes, just hide or throw away unnecessary items

These tips are for people who, no matter how hard they try, can’t get their home in order. A lot of stuff in one place or open shelves can be the culprit, but so can a lot of other things. We’ll give you advice on how to tackle this and organise your home so that it looks and feels beautifully tidy.

1. Kitchen

The problem with kitchens is too much stuff on the kitchen counter. Think about whether it’s better to put some things away in cupboards. This also applies to kitchen appliances. You can leave the ones you use every day on the counter (coffee machine, smoothie blender). But those that you use only occasionally, for example once a week, you can put in the cupboard (deep fryer or home baker). But there are also those that you don’t use at all anymore. It’s better to get rid of them altogether.

2. Cleaning products where you need them

Put a bucket or box of cleaning products in your bathroom. This is the only way to clean the sink immediately whenever it looks dingy. This will save you a lot of time. Again, store a similar box of kitchen cleaners in the kitchen. It’s much easier to clean continuously than when it’s necessary.


3. Get rid of discarded items


Have you just finished tidying up but your home still looks disorganized? Look especially for open shelves where you store more knick-knacks. Throw away things that have no value. Put the ones you need but look unsightly in cupboards. Straighten books and DVDs.

4. Buy a robot vacuum cleaner

It’s a bit of an investment, but you’ll get a lot out of it. A robotic vacuum cleaner will do a lot of the work for you.

5. Get rid of your bad habits

Clean up after yourself. Wash unwashed dishes or put them in the dishwasher right away. Put dirty clothes in the hamper right away.

6. Ask for help

Have you tried everything and got no results? There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. For example, you can divide the work among family members or hire someone to help you clean.