Cleaning for a few crowns or Effective cleaners for different surfaces and dirt can be made from a few common things

The holy trinity of cleaning – baking soda, vinegar and lemon. These three miracle ingredients degrease and dissolve dirt and limescale. The other ingredients we recommend for cleaning are also natural and commonly used in the home. The cleansers you create with these ingredients are highly eco-friendly because they don’t pollute the water like products containing artificial chemicals, and they filter out of the water very easily in water purifiers. They will not cause you any allergic reactions. And you will also save your finances.


Floor Cleaning

  • Use water with soap flakes on light wood floors and parquet floors. You can buy natural soap flakes from the organic industry at organic stores. Try cleaning dark wood floors with strong black tea. Steep at least five tea bags in half a litre of boiling water. Dilute this with four litres of water.
  • Use water and vinegar to wash tiles. To prevent dust from settling, add baby fabric softener to the water, as it has anti-static properties.
  • Wash the linoleum with water and a little dish detergent. For a high shine floor, try coating it with water and milk in a one-to-one ratio.
  • Stone floors are best cleaned with water and baking soda in a ratio of two tablespoons of baking soda to one quart of water.
  • If you use a microfiber mop to wash your floors, be careful not to add fabric softener to the wash. This can destroy the original adhesive properties of the microfibers.

Other surfaces

  • You can try cleaning glass surfaces with water and baking powder. A paper towel is sufficient to clean the glass.
  • Soapy water is recommended for cleaning upholstery. The surface should only be lightly dampened, brushed and vacuumed after a while.
  • Water with vinegar, a little baking soda and lemon works as an all-purpose cleaner. It is especially useful for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.