Cleaning the kitchen gives all housewives a hard time, small changes help a lot

Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom is one of every woman’s least favourite activities. The determination to clean and the subsequent sense of pride in a freshly cleaned kitchen is quickly replaced by the frustration that the sparkling cleanliness won’t last long. What if we told you that no kitchen cleaning need be so thankless? Yes, you understand correctly, there are ways in which you can achieve a clean and tidy kitchen for longer periods of time so that it makes sense to clean. Don’t you believe? Then let’s take a look at it together, we will surely convince you!

  • Bio-waste doesn’t have to roll around in plain sight, hide it.
  • Keep your fridge and wooden cutting boards clean.

End up with bio-waste in a bowl on the kitchen counter

Are you one of those people who store your bio-waste in a bowl on the kitchen counter and only jump into the bin with it when the bowl fills up? That’s not exactly the way to keep your kitchen looking clean in the long run. The fuller the waste bowl on the kitchen counter, the dirtier the kitchen itself looks. But try installing a waste bin under your kitchen counter. To give you an idea, such a waste box can look similar to, say, a nice wooden flower box hidden behind a curtain or door. You can put all your bio-waste in such a box and sweep up leftover crumbs and ingredients from cooking. Once a day, or when the box is full, just empty it out and you don’t have to deal with ugly leftovers on the kitchen countertop.


Keep your fridge perfectly clean too, cleaning it once in a while is not enough

The refrigerator holds a lot of dirt. We tend to clean it out once in a while, but we don’t pay much attention to it. A lot of bacteria breeds in the fridge, plus we don’t always put only clean things in it. We also have wrappers lying around in the fridge that have been sitting on the counter at the store. Rather than cleaning all the food that goes into the fridge every time, it’s better to set up the fridge so that the cleaning itself is as little as possible. Try putting a piece of paper in the drawers of the fridge so you don’t have to keep taking everything out and cleaning it all the time. When you see that the papers are dirty, simply take them out, throw them away and replace them with new ones.

Bacteria multiply even in a wooden cutting board, put an end to them

Do you use natural wooden cutting boards in your kitchen for fruits, vegetables and meat? They are definitely a better option than plastic ones, but they also harbor a lot of bacteria. That’s why it’s a good idea to start cleaning them better too. You can mix a slurry of vinegar and baking soda and wash the cutting boards with that.