Colourful autumn blooms on your terrace

This time of year has its own magic. On sunny days, even in autumn, we can sit comfortably on the terrace in a wicker chair and enjoy the fresh air imbued with the typical autumn scent. Being outdoors is no longer warmed by the radiant sun, but the sight of a garden full of colour is not too different from summer. We don’t have to look at the empty pots and the few wilting plants left after the holidays. Even autumn can be colourful and blooming.

In the garden, bold red and purple tones play a major role

Coloured asters shine through yellow, orange and red, and complement perfectly with the Japanese red grass ‘Red Baron’ and scampi daisy in their autumn dress. Clandon’s nutsedge blooms blue among them. It can be a sight that just about anyone can get tired of, and it is offered at this time of year.

So if you’re one of those people who think it can only be beautiful on the patio in summer, and you’re nervous about the cooler and ever-shortening days. Or maybe you would like to spend the last few nice days outside on your patio or garden in the pleasant autumn colours, but you don’t know how, try thinking about the plants mentioned above that will be pleasing to your eye.

What to fill the pots with?

  • Chrysanthemums,
  • Irises.

We shouldn’t forget the brightly coloured chrysanthemums, which are perfect for your pots and will enrich the colour palette with blue and purple. The last blooms of dahlias will also add other colour combinations. Together with viburnum, they will extend the flowering time of your patio. These shrubs in particular can add a nice touch to it.

Coloured floral wonders are now on sale everywhere. Just choose the most suitable ones for your terrace or balcony. It too can become a pleasant autumn retreat for you on sunny days.


Bet the tails too

Pumpkins, chestnuts, berry wreaths and other beautiful seasonal fruits complete the autumn terrace arrangement.

Let’s also not forget the bulbous flowers that bloom in pots in autumn. These can be, for example, autumn tails. With their delicate flowers, they raise our hopes that winter will not last forever. They have the advantage of brightening up your garden before the frosty days. They bloom in October and November.

If the cold weather does come and you feel sorry to leave your beloved patio, think about buying an outdoor heat radiator. They can cost from a few hundred crowns, but can run into the thousands. These radiant heaters tend to run on gas and are long-lasting and reliable. They are easy to commission and, thanks to their high calorific value, they can heat up a relatively large part of your terrace. You can choose from smaller table-top radiators to heaters up to 0.5 m long. Thanks to this little helper, you can extend your autumn days outside. Don’t forget to take power and consumption into account when choosing one. There is a wide range on the market.