Cosiness and inner happiness. From Denmark comes the hygge style

Danes are the second happiest people in the world. Their well-being is mainly due to the hygge lifestyle. It emerged in Denmark at the end of the 20th century and aims to connect and connect in everyday activities. How do you bring Danish wellbeing into your home? It’s easier than you think.


Cozy but cheap

The secret to Danish happiness lies in their homes. Making your apartment Danish-style is not difficult at all. The Danes place an emphasis on natural and especially wooden materials when furnishing their homes. Hygge loves subtle shapes that create inner peace, comfort and happiness.

Another important element in Danish home furnishing is light. Danes spend an enormous amount of time decorating light corners and furnishing their homes with candles and small lights. But it is also important to get the light intensity right. Low luminosity and soft, subdued light create a pleasant environment.


Create a cozy nook simply by placing a lamp in the corner. But a typical Danish room also contains other elements:

  • A chair placed by a large window
  • Lots of books
  • Objects with a story bought at a second-hand shop or flea market
  • Towels and blankets made of soft and silky materials

Food makes a Danish home

A big factor in the Danish lifestyle is coming together over a meal. Hot coffee or tea is a classic feature on the Danish menu. Danes won’t turn down mulled wine either. Nor will they be offended by a sweet confection or a good cake. It is no coincidence that hygge is referred to as a warm lifestyle. Hot drinks in Denmark are especially appreciated on frosty winter evenings.

Well-being is not, of course, defined by the furnishings in your home. But Danish hygge confirms that a cosy and comfortable home is very conducive to happiness. It is neither complicated nor expensive to create. What’s more, you can find Danish-style accessories in design shops and bazaars today.