Crawling insects can also be repelled by spices, which we as humans love and use in sweet dishes

When we walk through the forest and see an anthill, we admire it. But when we see ants on our property, or even inside our homes, it’s a disaster. Eliminating them is not easy, and often the chemicals on offer don’t work. And that’s when it can be time to consider whether something other than chemicals can be used. How to fight ants without spending money? Often what we normally have at home can help.

Fight nature with natural means

In addition, many people don’t want to or can’t use chemical pesticides that would reliably kill ants. This may be because they have small children in the house who might come into contact with the poison, or pets. Some poisons are so aromatic that, despite manufacturers’ assurances, they smell good even to dogs or cats, so you may end up giving your furry friends headaches or stomachaches when you digest ants. That’s why it’s a good idea to tackle ants using harmless natural methods.

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Ants have a great sense of smell, which is also used for orientation – that’s why they don’t get lost even in the dark. And the aromatic cinnamon literally repels them. Take half a teaspoon of cinnamon oil, or even cinnamon dissolved in water. Soak a cotton bud or piece of cotton wool in the liquid and rub it on the places where the ants come to you. The effect is immediate.

Wine vinegar

Wine vinegar works in exactly the same way as cinnamon, only you need to apply it more than once as it gradually evaporates. Especially on hot summer days. Feel free to dilute it half and half with water, it won’t affect its effect. Spray the wine vinegar on the ant paths with a spray bottle. The advantage is that the wine vinegar will also get into the cracks in the walls and between the floorboards.


Borax is also known as tinkal, or by the chemical name sodium tetraborate decahydrate. Despite the nasty-sounding chemical name, it is a natural mineral that you will find in most pesticides today. You can buy it for a few crowns in pharmacies and drugstores, and a small packet will do. Borax is a soluble powder that resembles salt. Dissolve two teaspoons in water, add a little sugar and rub the solution on the ant trails. You’re all set.

In addition to these proven remedies, you can also use other natural pesticides. For example, ants are repelled by:

  • coffee grounds
  • boric acid
  • pepper
  • sage
  • clove