Create a unique levitating decoration at home with live plants

Do you like plants outside in the garden but also inside your home? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t. Maybe you are one of those who love them but don’t know how to take good care of them. But that’s okay. Today we’re going to present a variant that absolutely everyone can take care of. It looks beautiful in any home and makes you enjoy a nice green space even if you don’t have much room at home.


Aerarium in your home

Flying or levitating glass pots with plants are very popular in recent years not only in the world, but also in the Czech Republic. These are small glass containers of various shapes, in which there is one larger hole (or several smaller holes for ventilation). It is intended for growing plants that prefer to live in humidity. Each plant thus has its own little garden all to itself. There are several types that you can get glass:

  • flower bowls,
  • droppers,
  • glasses.

What can you grow in them?

Many types of plants are suitable for these unusual pots. Their limitation lies in the size of the aerarium and the size of the flower. You have to adapt not only the selection but also the care to this. In particular, species that do not need soil to live are ideal. Tillandsia, bromeliads, mini orchids, succulents, cacti or carnivorous plants are therefore best for you. But you can plant any flower you like, as long as its growth and care requirements allow.


How to care for such plants

It’s nothing complicated. You plant the flower through the larger hole and also care for it. You can water them with a teaspoon, or ideally with a spray bottle. Use only distilled or boiled water. The great thing is that the care is minimal as they live off the moisture in the air. So you don’t have to water them as much and they will still give you pleasure. If you overwater, the plants will rot in the aerarium. And don’t forget that you can also add some small decorations to the flowers.