Discover your correct color according to the zodiac – 2. Episode

In this article, we will continue from the previous part, where you could learn about the colors that go with the first six signs of the zodiac. Today, we’ll cover the remaining ones and you’ll learn again:

  • what color is right for you
  • what colors to definitely not choose


Libra, the sign that tries to keep everything in constant balance and harmony. If you are born of this sign, choose pastel shades, especially green, white and yellow. Blue will give you peace of mind and pink will relax you. Avoid red as it can be unnecessarily irritating.


Mysterious and mysterious, that describes Scorpio exactly. Surround yourself with dark colors, especially maroon, burgundy, deep red and also black. You’ll feel great in these shades. Skip the light shades of colour, they don’t suit this sign at all and you won’t feel comfortable in them.


Shooters have an adventurous nature, love freedom and love to explore the world. Purple and dark blue are the colours for you that will open your mind. Yellow will help with success and pink along with grey will calm you down. Avoid orange.



Are you practical, patient, go hard for your goals and also value discipline? Then you are definitely born under the sign of Capricorn! You will feel safe in dark shades, especially brown, black, dark blue and grey. Absolutely unsuitable for you is red. Also avoid orange and yellow.


Thoughtful and helping people, that describes Aquarius. Despite being an air sign, it is closely associated with water. Therefore, all shades of blue and green are suitable. Turquoise will look great on you. Black combined with red accessories is also suitable.


The last sign of the zodiac, ruled by the element of water. If you are born of this sign, you can be empathetic to everything around you. Choose the shades of the sea. Green will make you feel balanced and calm. Yellow, light purple or peach will take you away from gloomy thoughts.