Discover your correct colour according to the zodiac – Part 1

Did you know that each of the signs of the zodiac has its own colour? If you want to know:

  • what colors to surround yourself with
  • what colors to avoid
  • what shades of clothing to choose

 read on.


A fiery sign to which shades of red match, it enhances your personality. If you put on red clothes, you will have no problem expressing your opinions, which are often quite bold. If you need to calm down, then choose an opposing ice blue or green. Black should be avoided.


The element of your sign is earth. This spring sign is associated with the awakening of nature, so all shades of green, brown and khaki are most appropriate. However, pinks, creams and whites will also look great on you. If you need to add a sense of security, choose black or dark blue.


Yellow and green, these two colours perfectly describe your positive and communicative nature. Beige, purple or sand will also look great on you. Black in combination with white will guarantee elegance and totally express the contradictory nature of this sign.



This water sign is ruled by the Moon, hence the bright colours. Surround yourself most with the colours of metal – blue, grey, silver, white and their shades. Choose mainly the bright ones, but don’t go wrong with the darker ones. You should avoid red, which can cause some ambivalence.


The lion is clearly the king of the animals and loves to show off. It is ruled by the Sun, which is why lions love gold. If you are born of this sign, wear gold jewelry, it will give you strength and make you invincible. You will also dazzle with yellow, red and orange. For calming the mind and soul, choose shades of blue and green. Avoid bright and pastel shades.


Perfectionism and rule-following, that’s what virgins are like. This sign is ruled by Mercury, which is associated with the Earth element. Therefore, earthy colours are most suited to you – brown, olive green, ochre and caramel. These colours will help you maintain life’s harmony and balance. For variety, reach for deep purples and blues. Stay away from red.