Do not underestimate the choice of staircase. The right shape and material are key to comfortable living

Your dream of owning your own home is finally becoming real and you are building your desired house? But there are still many important decisions to be made that will determine how you will live in your new home. For example, choosing the right staircase is important. How to choose the right one for your interior and what to keep in mind?

The range is wide

In most interiors, the staircase acts as a kind of main thoroughfare. People go up and down here almost all the time, and it often has to be adapted to accommodate smaller children or pets. So don’t spare any time or money in choosing the ideal solution.

There are generally four basic types of staircase – side, stirrup, segmental and spiral. When choosing the ideal option, the size of the space and the layout of the rooms and other fixed parts of the house are crucial. In any case, it is a good idea to stick to the rule that two people should be able to avoid each other on the staircase without any problems. Also think early on that in the future you may need to move a wardrobe or bed across the stairs, which will prove to be a major stumbling block until too late.

The standard width of a staircase arm in a family home is usually 90 cm. There should be no more than 16 consecutive steps in a single staircase. When designing the staircase, also keep in mind all safety regulations and try to use the staircase space wisely (for example, by placing storage space under the stairs, etc.).


Shape and Material

Depending on the style of your home, it is also possible to choose different materials. The stairs can be made of wood, metal, concrete or a combination, or even the very fashionable glass. Traditional wood looks very solid and luxurious, but it is not cheap. Metal tends to be popular, which is well priced but has a somewhat industrial look that doesn’t always suit all interiors. A good compromise is therefore a combination of different materials.

When it comes to shape, a spiral staircase will save you a lot of space, but it is not infrequently that we encounter the limitation of not being able to pass larger pieces of furniture. The “L” or “U” shape is also commonly used. There is no universal solution suitable for every home. It is therefore not a good idea to leave the choice of staircase to the last minute, when you have to make a decision under pressure and in a hurry.