Do you have spiders at home? Get rid of them the easy way

With winter approaching, spiders start to crawl into apartments or houses. Few of us like these unpleasant-looking insects. If they start to congregate in the home, it is no laughing matter, especially for those who have a great fear of spiders. There are a variety of ways, from commercial products that will kill spiders to homemade eco-friendly products that will lure spiders away. Banish spiders with our tips and stay calm.

Clean up

First of all, clean your house or apartment. Use a broom to sweep out any spiders and cobwebs. You can also use a vacuum cleaner that has bags in it. Wash and tidy up any corners, flatten things you haven’t moved for a long time, and also get rid of any crumbs that attract insects. Throw away unnecessary and unused cardboard boxes, unworn clothes and old newspapers – simply anything you have not used for a long time. Spiders like clutter where there is no movement and especially in the darker parts of the house. Don’t forget the exterior either. Spiders like to hide under the beams of an arbor, in a nook or any other hiding place. Clean these places too. Where there is more movement, where it is clean, spiders do not stick around too much. 


Save input

Simply prevent these uninvited visitors from entering. The best way to prevent them is by installing seals, window screens, sealing cracks, and other possible openings especially at the basement door. If you have screens in your windows, check to make sure they are not torn. Also think of hungry spiders as a form of prevention. Their food source is various unattractive insects, if you get rid of them, spiders will have nothing to feed on in your home. 

Spray as prevention

If you have cleaned, sealed and caulked all holes, you can prepare an eco-friendly solution that will repel spiders. It is very simple to prepare, takes little time, and will be effective. What will you need?

  • Essential eucalyptus or peppermint oil
  • Water
  • A spray bottle 300 ml

Fill the bottle with water and drip 15 drops of essential oil into the bottle. Now mix everything well. Spiders and other insects hate the smell of eucalyptus or mint. Now you can spray your home spider repellent on all doorways, skirting boards, cracks, windowsills and anywhere spiders like to crawl. Apply this weekly, while trying to plaster the cobwebs and keep the insects away from your house.