Do you know the method of mooring? It can help you store potatoes properly

Although potatoes have not always been at home in our country, they have become so domesticated over several hundred years that they can now be found in every household. Not only are they a tasty side dish, but they also make great main dishes and desserts.

Correct temperature and humidity

The great thing about them is that they can be grown in harsher conditions, are nutritious and store very well throughout the winter. Nowadays they are mostly put in the cellar, but in the old days people used the so called “crechting” method, which may be useful and interesting for you too.

Before actual storage, it is always important to check that the potatoes are not rotten, wet or damaged. It is also definitely worth buying hand-picked potatoes, which do not rot as quickly. The second step is storage. If done correctly, they will last well into the spring. The right temperature and humidity are essential. Higher humidity and a temperature of around 6 °C are better.


How it was with the mole

This ancient method used to be used a lot, but today it is almost unknown, which is perhaps a pity, because it is not very demanding, but it is very effective. Today it has caught on, especially with organic farmers. But you can try it too.

A trough is actually a vertical field pit that is filled with straw and has a ventilation skylight. It is the layers of straw and soil that protect the potatoes from frost, but the modern grower can also use polystyrene as insulation.

How not to store potatoes

  • They don’t belong in the fridge.
  • They should not be washed, as this causes abrasions and faster rotting processes.
  • Should not be kept in excessively damp cellars.
  • It is basically impossible to store them in a prefabricated building for a long time, it is too dry and warm.

There are different ways to store potatoes, but it is always true that only proper storage will guarantee you quality potatoes after the winter. Potatoes that are rotten or have sprouts should not be consumed.