Do you like rattan? You can use nice pieces to brighten up the interior of your house or apartment

Ratan is very popular in our country, but do you know what exactly it is and where it comes from?

Something about rattan

Rattan, or also rattan reed, is a tropical plant found mainly in the rainforests of South Asia and is characterized by its rapid growth. In this region, the plant is cultivated in artificial plantations so that its yield does not threaten the rainforest.

Ratan is characterized by its great flexibility. Firstly, the outer layer is removed during its processing and then it is shaped according to the requirements using hot steam. It is then allowed to cool and also dry, which guarantees the permanence of the shape obtained.

Rattan is very popular as a material for making furniture, besides its natural shade it can also be purchased stained, in many colours.

Mold may occur on the surface of rattan during packaging and transport due to the tropical climate, but this does not reduce the quality of the rattan and can be easily removed.

Rattan furniture is more often used as outdoor, garden or patio furniture, but it is also increasingly used indoors to give a more cosy feel. In particular

  • papas
  • bow, and
  • chairs.

Papasan as a nice and functional interior accessory

The belt has a circular shape and serves as an element of comfortable seating. The base is made of rattan poles, which are usually stained, so you can easily colour-coordinate the papasan with the interior of your house or apartment. This home accessory is usually woven with rattan twine and has a comfortable, soft seat. Even the seat is of course available in different designs, from solid colours to patterned ones.

Papasans are popular as conservatory chairs, but they often complement children’s rooms and can also serve as a chair for watching TV. In this case, you can choose between the so-called fixed type of papasan and the rocking type.

Other types of rattan indoor furniture

Rattan beds can be a useful addition to a child’s room, and are also often used as hallway furnishings.

If you have a balcony or terrace, you will appreciate rattan chairs, of which there are a large number of different types and designs on the market.

A winter garden or other suitable space, such as a dining room, can also be equipped with a set of rattan table and rattan chairs.

Faux rattan

Artificial rattan is offered as a useful substitute for natural rattan, especially for outdoor use. At first sight it is almost indistinguishable from natural rattan and better able to withstand the weather. Because of its durability, it is also often used, for example, in restaurants or wellness centres.