Domestic housewives are coming to taste an unconventional alternative to potatoes, attracted by the taste and benefits

Sweet potatoes are not yet as widespread as the classic yellow potatoes in our country. It is a pity, because they are much more nutritious and healthier. They contain many valuable substances and have a great taste. However, companies that produce health food products and high-quality pellets for pets are aware of this. They are increasingly including them in their recipes. You too can treat yourself to a tasty and interesting side dish for your Sunday roast. Their preparation is very easy. But they taste best roasted in the oven with herbs. But you can also use them to prepare:

  • Desserts
  • Sweet porridges and purees
  • Pancakes

More cooking tips

Fantasy has no limits. It’s up to you how much you dare to experiment. Unlike traditional potatoes, however, they taste sweet, so they are perfect for baking and creating the aforementioned desserts. But with the right proportion of spices and the right herbs, they also taste great in savoury dishes. If you don’t fancy roasted sweet potatoes, try making an alternative mashed potato. It may be a little sweeter, but you’ll see that you’ll like it.

A really healthy treat

Patatoes are paradoxically the main food staple in poor countries. Although the local people may not know the chemical composition of this tuber perfectly, they know that sweet potatoes are very nutritious and help them survive even in times of poverty. Meat is a rarity in these parts, so they rarely serve it with sweet potatoes and can do without it.


In sweet potatoes, for example, we find lutein, a substance very important for the development of healthy eyesight. They also contain lycopene and carotenoids, which are otherwise found in tomatoes, carrots and all vegetables of orange and red colors. All of these vegetable dyes are absolutely crucial for the development of eyesight. Although sweet, sweet potatoes can be indulged in by diabetics without any qualms. They contain starches that make them very low on the glycaemic index.