Don’t throw away lemon peel, it can be a great help in the bathroom and kitchen

It is a common practice that all the peelings from any fruit or vegetable usually end up in the rubbish bin. Especially with citrus fruits, where we are only after the sour or sweet and sour inside that gives all drinks the right flavour. If we squeeze the juice out of lemons, the yellow residue goes straight into the garbage, which is a shame. And we’ll tell you why. Lemon zest offers our bodies a host of health benefits we never knew we had, and we can also use it effectively at home. So before you throw it in the trash again, consider the following few options first.


Thanks to its flavonoid content, lemon peel has antibacterial properties, making it a great kitchen and bathroom cleaner. Fill a glass jar with lemon peel and pour enough vinegar over it so that it is completely submerged. Seal the jar and leave to sit for two weeks. Then pour the liquid into a spray bottle and use as a cleaning agent. You will get several benefits from this.

  • It’s eco-friendly
  • It won’t hurt your wallet
  • You won’t contaminate your home with chemicals


There’s nothing worse for pesky insects than the smell of citrus. Spread lemon peel in places where you can’t deal with troublesome insects and you can trust that ants, mosquitoes and other vermin will stay well away from your home.

Cutting Board Cleaner

Bacteria can cling to the crevices of chopping boards and can steadily increase if you don’t intervene. Just because you can’t see them at first glance doesn’t mean they’re not there. You can kill them by wiping them off with lemon zest or a mixture of lemon zest and vinegar.


Fridge Smell

To get rid of unpleasant fridge odours, place a few pieces of lemon peel in the corners of the fridge. Replace them with fresh ones every day.

Nail cleaner

If you have a problem with yellowing nails, wipe them with lemon peel. Lemon has a whitening effect, you will see the result immediately.

The smell from the bin

Replacing the bag in your bin with a new one does not necessarily ensure that the unpleasant smell of rubbish is eliminated. Therefore, before putting a new bag in the bin, place a few pieces of lemon peel at the bottom. This will suppress odours and give your kitchen a pleasant citrus smell.

Freshening for your feet

Give your feet a lemon peel bath. It helps eliminate odour and has exfoliating effects at the same time.

Making cocktails

When preparing various cocktails, lemon is essential. Add a few pieces of lemon zest to give your drink a fresh taste and aroma.