Dye your hair at home or at the hairdresser?

This is probably a question every woman asks herself from time to time. Finding the right hair salon is always an adrenaline rush and visiting one doesn’t have to be a cheap affair. Many women therefore choose the option of dyeing their hair from the comfort of their home.

You are the master of your time

Hair colouring like this is convenient and time flexible. In drugstores we can find a large number of colours and dressings of different brands and shades. The price level ranges from just a few tens of crowns. For women who are skilled or have skillful friends, such dyeing is convenient and makes their hair look good.

What to look out for

It is important to note that some colours from the shop can damage hair significantly, either by their composition or by improper application.

Common problems:

  • Non-uniform coloring of hair in full length.
  • Difference in color on colored hair with shade shown on box.
  • Growth of hair.
Source: Pixabay.com

Avoid mistakes

To avoid the problems mentioned above, we can put ourselves in the hands of experts. Finding a hair salon that suits our requirements may not be an easy task. We should choose based on the recommendations of our friends or co-workers. Some hairdressers even have their own websites where you can learn more about their work.

Savings can be made here too

Services in hairdressing salons also differ in price, which can be significantly higher in cities than in the periphery or small towns. Let’s think about our German neighbours who like to use the services of Czech hairdressers in the border areas. Everyone can answer the question why.

Just a word of advice. If you have already decided to have your hair professionally styled, agree in advance on the colour, the resulting hairstyle and any possible shortening. After all, we all know how long 1 cm is, only some hairdressers didn’t discuss centimetres in school. It’s your hair and you’re paying for the service! Don’t let something you don’t want be forced on you.