Early shoeing of toddlers has unhealthy impact on children’s feet, doctors say

Baby booties are so irresistible that we want to buy them for our kids as soon as possible. In addition, there is a general idea that in boots the “free” foot will suddenly become stronger and give the child a healthier movement. However, parents can do more harm than good by putting on shoes early.

Until he can’t walk

Physiotherapists nowadays advise mothers not to swaddle their babies prematurely. Tight shoes on a crawling or crawling child can cause the foot to roll outwards, thus forming an unnatural posture. Therefore, it is better to keep a child who is not yet fully walking in socks at all times. It is very tempting to put them in shoes as soon as they take their first step, but in this case it is worth waiting a month.

Source: pixabay.com

The choice is wide

Each specialist shop has trained staff and they will be happy to advise you on the right footwear for you. It is advisable to take your child with you and try the shoe on the spot. Once your child is confident in walking, you can go shopping and choose from a wide range of colours and types of children’s shoes. Here you can learn about what specific terms mean:

  • sock shoes – half shoes, half socks to keep feet from getting cold,
  • socks – so called first shoes, but they have more of a protective function,
  • barefoot – a shoe that stimulates barefoot walking,
  • all-season shoes – a classic sturdy shoe suitable for all weather.

Barefoot is not a guarantee of healthy footwear

The barefoot shoe trend was first popular in the West, and although the West is now looking at barefoot footwear with a critical eye, people in Eastern Europe have only just begun to embrace it. Still, experts today agree that barefoot shoes are not the ideal choice for a child, at least in the long run. Sturdy footwear has an irreplaceable place in the development of a child’s foot. Therefore, even though the barefoot shoe trend is rocking the world, keep in mind that children should be provided with quality, certified children’s shoes in the first place.