Effective ways to clear clogged waste for both eco-lovers and chemical enthusiasts

Water should never accumulate in the sink, basin or bathtub. It should flow freely through the drain at all times. If this is not happening, it is quite possible that the drain has become clogged. It starts subtly, you will hear a slight gurgling sound, but after a while the water will start to drain more slowly and there will even be an unpleasant smell coming from the pipes. At that point, it’s obvious. The drain is clogged and you have to intervene. However, the work of a plumber can be quite costly. Fortunately, you can handle the situation yourself without the help of a professional, while still being fast and free.


The best solution, of course, is to avoid clogged drains. Therefore, you should not forget about regular maintenance. You need to remember what really doesn’t belong in the garbage.

  • Various food scraps
  • .

  • Coffee grounds, tea residue
  • Hot fat
  • Egg shells
  • Flour
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So it is worth getting a small strainer, the purchase cost of which is minimal and will prevent the clogging process.


One of the most popular methods to unclog waste. Yes, it’s not very eco-friendly, but you can get them at any store in the housewares department. The main ingredient is sodium hydroxide and their action is highly corrosive and often dangerous to our health. In this case, it is important to follow all the instructions on the packaging.

Household products

If you’re not a fan of chemical-laden cleaning products and you’re interested in being eco-friendly, you’ll appreciate the gentler solution of homemade methods. Often, we can turn ingredients found in our kitchen into an effective weapon to combat many of the problems in our homes. With clogged garbage, it is no different. The most common method of cleaning pipes is a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Pour half a glass of baking soda into the clogged drain, followed by half a glass of vinegar. A chemical reaction will take place between the two ingredients, resulting in a foam that should be covered with boiling water after about 30 minutes.

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If neither store-bought chemicals nor home-made tools will help, it’s time to reach for a classic spring cleaner. Its cost is minimal and its use is absolutely simple. Push the spring through the waste. While doing so, twist it a few times to loosen anything blocking the drain. There are actually several ways to do this, it’s up to you which one you choose. But remember, prevention is always better than worrying about how to clear a clogged drain.