English style is becoming a trend in housing. The rules for its creation are inexorable

Every home should have its own original and also inimitable style. This can take many forms. One has been relatively forgotten in recent years. Yet it is a very original style, at first sight flashy looking. This is the so-called British style. What makes it distinctive? A few key elements.

There are usually several links. First of all, there is the furniture with upholstery, which features a number of original designs. Often, genuine leather seating is also a central feature. Even colour has its own rules in the homes in question &#8211 a touch of mustard yellow is almost a given.

And that’s still not all that characterises a British home. The bolder patterns, as well as the floral prints, cannot be ignored. Yes, some might call this style retro. But looking at the interior in question, at least one thing is clear – such a property looks very flashy and stylish. And how do you primarily furnish it? There are two main rules:

  • Use only related colors in different color shades,
  • repeating a pattern.

Pillows and pillows again

The sofa is combined with one or two comfortable armchairs. The upholstery must be pleasing to the eye and directly invite you to drink afternoon tea. The armchairs tend to be placed by the fireplace or bookcase and are often accompanied by cushions and throws that can be used in cold weather. The British love cushions with colourful floral prints or embroidery. Plaid, cashmere and animal motifs are also recurring themes.

Source: Pixabay

Pair a small coffee table with an upholstered ottoman or stool. You can even replace the table with a larger stool. A stool used in this way should be complemented by an interesting tray serving as a hard base for your belongings.

English houses also often come with a fireplace. It is not uncommon to even have a fireplace in almost every room. They have pictures, photographs, candles and antiques displayed on the mantelpiece. A picture or mirror is usually placed above the fireplace.

An antique in every piece

Care should also be taken to choose the right lighting to accentuate the English atmosphere. This could be, for example, a dominant glass chandelier cut from a royal palace or a simpler modern version. The main thing is that it gives the room a noble style, very common in these islands.

If you want an English-style room, you can’t miss the large bookcase full of old books that already show their age. The library must give you the feeling that its contents already remember something. Such books are available in antique shops or flea markets.

The atmosphere of your library will be accentuated by a green floor lamp, which will also provide plenty of light for reading.

Like true Englishmen, you’ll feel comfortable on your armchair, snuggled into a cushion with a Jane Austen book in your hand. Your feet will rest comfortably on the upholstered footstool and the woollen throw will only add to your comfort.