Expensive and luxurious clothes, yet you don’t look elegant? Avoid the 14 most common mistakes!

People spend a lot of money on fashion and luxury accessories, plus luxury gifts have become popular desires of girls and women for Christmas or birthdays. However, luxury fashion pieces and accessories do not always bring the desired effect. In fact, you can look good even in cheap clothes, you don’t need designer ones for that. What are the mistakes Italian stylists say women make?

1. Last seasons fashion

Not many women have the luxury of changing their models according to the current season. Otherwise, don’t go back to the things of the past seasons, rather fill your wardrobe with clothes that are timeless and do not lose their elegance even after years.

2. Oversized clothes

White shirt in wardrobe? Yes, it’s a staple piece, but it has to fit well. Similar to a dress or other pieces. An oversized dress definitely doesn’t make you look relaxed like you do at the beach, but like a piece worn by a friend who weighs 30 kg more than you.

3. Coloured seams

When buying new jeans, take your time, try them on well and check all rivets and zippers. It’s not enough to just have authentic pants, but also ones that are neutral and fit well. This cannot be said for those with coloured seams.

4. Denim with lettering and other accessories

Jeans with lettering or other accessories? Better choose classic in minimalist style and branded. Pay attention to the quality of the fabric and size choice rather than excessive accessories or lettering.

5. Unsightly colour combinations

Don’t like to combine colours? Even the most fashionable and expensive clothes can look tacky in the wrong combination. This doesn’t mean having a wardrobe of only grey or black shades, but always choose a colour palette that works well with other pieces in your wardrobe.

6. Low quality seams

Choosing clothes? Focus on the seams. These will prove provenance because they must fit perfectly at both ends. Otherwise, after the first wash, the original look will be lost and the piece will be discarded.

7. Scratches on glasses

Sunglasses with scratches? Avoid this faux pas, they just look cheap and inauthentic. In fact, the more expensive models have an anti-scratch treatment. Also, wear your glasses in a special case to prevent them from getting damaged.

8. T-shirts with inscriptions

Shirts or T-shirts with inscriptions? Leave them to the teens or use them for a party, but avoid them in everyday life.

9. Fur on the hood

The fur on the hood looks good, but care must be taken in its selection. First of all, it must be a faux fur that has perfect workmanship and can be removed before washing.

Source: pixabay.com

10. Missing buttons

Buttons are one of the least noticeable details on clothes, but only until they break off. That’s when everyone notices you’re missing one. So check your shirt and blouse before you go to work, a piece without a button looks cheap and shabby.

11. Worn heels or toes of shoes

Investing in new shoes is worthwhile; shabby shoes are a significant drawback. Leather shoes and scratches can be rejuvenated with a cream with a clear sheen, have the heels replaced. And start saving up for new ones.

12. Painted nails without a manicure

Don’t have time for a professional manicure? In that case, don’t polish your nails, as you will draw even more attention to this deficiency. Instead, rub your hands with a nourishing oil and get your cuticles in order, then paint your nails with a clear polish.

13. Easy in winter

Handy mini dresses in the middle of freezing winter? That looks neither glamorous nor sexy, but simply ridiculous and embarrassing. Save these models for spring and don’t even wear thin tights in winter, it doesn’t look good.

14. “Retouched” look or permanent make-up

Love beauty treatments? Why not, when everyone compliments you on looking fresh, all is well. But if they’re talking about specific changes to your face, you’ve overdone it. After all, the goal is to look natural.