Experienced housewives do not wrap food in foil. They use aluminum foil for a notoriously hated activity

If there’s one thing women hate, it’s definitely ironing. Many women try to find ways to make it as efficient as possible and how to speed it up. There are several options, of course. They can be linked to the use of a washing program, just as it is possible to choose a suitable program on the dryer as well. The choice of materials also plays a role, as does how the laundry is stored after washing. And those who want to try something new can try the aluminium foil trick. That is, with plain foil. We know it mainly for wrapping food, but it turns out that it has other interesting and unusual properties that will make life easier for every housewife. Try a trick that will make ironing easier and faster.

How to make ironing easier

This trick is very simple, you will need three things including a steam iron. Making household chores easier and faster is our daily bread, especially without chemicals and other necessities harmful to the environment and your health. For this trick you will need:

  • ironing board
  • aluminium foil
  • steam iron
Source: Pixabay


Accessing will be very quick and easy. Simply place the aluminium foil under the ironing board cover, along the entire width and length of the board. This foil acts as a thermal wrap, so the heat will reflect back up from the board – it will not penetrate through the board to the floor. In this way, the fabric will also be ironed on the underside. This procedure will save you time and effort. And if you add a few drops of your favourite fragrance, such as your favourite essential oil, to the distilled water you pour into the iron’s reservoir, your evening ironing can be a pleasant pleasure and aromatherapy. If you’ve got a cold, drip some eucalyptus or rhyme into your iron and see how good your breathing feels. Plus, your laundry will smell good. Aluminum foil can be a great help even with a burnt iron.

Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/uk/news/a575642/ironing-trick-tin-foil/